Cork Yoga Mats & Yoga Blocks

If you’re looking for eco-friendly yoga products, look no further than Anjali Generation. We offer a range of all-natural, sustainable cork yoga mats and yoga blocks.

Cork is a natural, plant-based material that comes from the bark of a cork oak tree. Unlike most synthetic materials, cork is sustainable and does not promote environmentally damaging acts such as deforestation or pollution. After the cork has been harvested by hand, the tree regrows its bark and the trees can be expected to live for up to 300 years. In addition, cork is biodegradable and can be easily recycled into other items.

Cork yoga mats and blocks offer a range of benefits. They provide superior grip even when the surface gets wet. This makes cork the perfect material for hot yoga sessions. Cork also has natural antibacterial qualities, making it one of the more hygienic yoga materials out there. Our non-slip cork yoga mat has a thick, firm surface and is comfortable and durable, while being good for the planet.

Cork Yoga Mats

Our cork yoga mats are 183cm long and 5mm thick, providing the perfect amount of cushioning. They are great for yin or pregnancy yoga as the surface temperature of the cork is naturally warm so you won't get cold in long poses. 

Made from 100 % natural cork and natural tree rubber which are heat bonded, they contain no glues, plastics or toxins and are completely biodegradable.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Our cork yoga blocks are great for both beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts. Perfect for stability and alignment, they can be used to deepen postures or stretches or for sitting on in meditation.

Specifically designed with yoga practices in mind, they are dense, contoured and textured for superior support, grip and comfort. 

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At Anjali Generation, we offer the best eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories in Australia.  Made from only sustainable, ethically sourced materials, we supply a range of all-natural and sustainable yoga mats, straps, yoga blocks, mat bags, towels, eye pillows, heat packs, water bottles and more. 

For customers within Australia, we offer a flat shipping rate of $10 for orders under 5kg.  Express shipping is also available. For international customers, we offer international shipping for Australia Post shipping rates. Costs will depend on the country and the weight of the order. Whether you’re near Australia or half-way across the world, we’ve got you covered.