Which mat?

We currently offer several different Anjali yoga mats. Mats that are natural, beautiful and tactile. Mats that you will want to get on to! We have also recently introduced Niraamaya organic cotton Ayurvedic mats to our store. We believe all of our mats are great for just about any type of yoga practise but to help you make a choice here is the lowdown:

Anjali Luxury Cork Mat

Anjali Luxury Cork Mat

The Anjali Cork Yoga Mat is made of a layer of natural tree rubber topped with a layer or cork which provides a luxurious natural and tactile surface for your practise of yoga, pilates or general floor exercises.

If yin yoga is your thing, you will love this mat, the cork is always an ideal temperature, as well as having a subtle but pleasant natural smell. It gives more grip when it gets moist, so the mat is ideal for hot countries and hot yoga – the more you sweat the better the mat performs.  This mat has slightly less grip when it is dry, but this can be improved by spraying or sprinkling with a few drops of water - although after a few uses you probably won't need to do this.

The cork layer has natural antimicrobial properties, so this mat is very easy to keep germ free.  At 5 mm thick it provides a fantastic amount of cushioning whilst also providing a firm grounded base.  It is perfect for those with knee issues and anyone who likes a bit of extra comfort.


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Anjali High Performance Jute Mat

Anjali High Performance Jute Mat

Our heavy duty  Anjali Jute mat provides just the right amount of grip for energetic yoga or pilates sessions. It is made of a layer of natural tree rubber topped with a loose weave of natural jute fabric. The fabric is heat bonded to the rubber, so there is no glue used in the process. The tactile jute layer provides grip and is a pleasant organic surface to practise on.  Jute fibres also possess antibacterial properties, increasing the hygiene of your mat. Because of the superior grip from the outset, it is ideal for those who enjoy a vigorous practise. At 4 mm thick it provides a good amount of cushioning and comfort, but is the firmer mat.  This high performance mat is amazingly durable and will withstand the heaviest of use. 


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New printed Cork

New printed cork

The same size and thickness as the original Anjali Luxury Cork Mat now with beautiful contemporary Australian Botanical Prints - Grevillea or Wattle - take your pick!

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Niraamaya Organic Cotton Ayurvedic Yoga Mats

Niraamaya Organic Cotton Ayurvedic Yoga Mats

The light weight Niraamaya organic cotton yoga mat is the perfect travel mat as it weighs just over 1 kg, is machine washable and can be easily folded. It is rubber lined which means that it won't slide on a wooden floor. It is great on its own but can also be used on top of a studio mat or other mat for those who like more cushioning. Fair trade and made of organic cotton it is hand loomed in India and lined with rubber from Indian trees. The four different colours of mats are infused with different Ayurvedic herbs which enhance the healing process of your yoga or meditation practice as well as imparting a light pleasant fragrance. These mats also provide the very best of grip.

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New Anjali Eco-Suede Mats

The Anjali Eco-Suede mat is the perfect mat for those who are looking for a mat which is both luxuriously soft and firm enough to provide good support. It is made with 4 mm of natural tree rubber topped with a luxurious suede like fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Free from PVC and phthalates, the rubber backing retains its shape and always lies flat on the floor without curling up (unlike some foam backed mats). The suede top has good grip which gets even better with moisture so this mat is great for hot sweaty sessions. The soft luxury top is also great for yin yoga and pilates. A brilliant all round mat.

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All Anjali mats are easy to wipe clean, a damp cloth will suffice, and of course durable, safe and non-toxic. The cotton De Uria mats are machine washable.