We've Partnered with Greenspark to Do Our Bit for the Planet

Here at Anjali  we are increasingly concerned about our impact on the planet. One of the things that troubles us the most is the use and abuse of plastic, which does not biodegrade and finds its way into our oceans and environments. As a result of this concern we've made a commitment to only sell the most eco friendly yoga mats, delivered in biodegradable packaging - using carbon neutral delivery wherever possible.

The world is currently producing in excess of 300 million tons of plastic each year and more than 8 million tons of this ends up in our oceans. Here it causes untold damage and death to millions of marine and land animals and birds.

It's clearly time to wake up to this environmental disaster and as a smalll business we've decided to do our bit - we've partnered with and organisation called Greenspark - you can read about them and the projects our contributions are going to help here.  We've decided to donate a portion of each sale we make towards removing plastic from the ocean (this simultaneously creates economic opportunities for those who collect it).  We're also supporting Greenspark's tree planting initiatives and are proud to say that for every sale we make one tree will be planted and 5 plastic bottles rescued from the ocean for recycling.

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