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Is Cork the Best Yoga Mat?

Yoga has become a very popular method for relaxation, including improving physical and mental well-being. Having good support and a firm base is essential as yoga involves performing different physical postures and breathing techniques to ensure optimum results. 

If you’re practising yoga, then you would know the importance of getting a suitable yoga mat

Different types of yoga mats are available, but the cork mat is becoming increasingly popular. Most people think cork is only for wine bottles! However, cork has many uses. 

Cork is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material and has several properties suitable for yoga and other activities. 

Why cork mats are suitable for yoga 

  • Cork is environmentally friendly

Cork is sourced from the outer bark layer of the Cork Oak tree, common in the Mediterranean area. The tree regenerates the bark over time, which makes cork renewable and safe for the environment. After the harvesting process to strip the bark from the tree, it absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide (CO2) than the non-harvested Cork Oak trees.  

Unlike other mats derived from PVC, harmful and harsh chemicals, cork yoga mats are safe, and the risk of allergic reaction is reduced. Cork makes the best eco-friendly yoga mats and practising yoga on a safe mat for the environment, and yourself should be a priority. 

  • Cork is antimicrobial 

Cork has a natural antimicrobial property, so it can kill germs that you might carry during your yoga practice. Yoga mats can carry a lot of germs and bacteria, which can give the mat an odour. Opting for cork which has antimicrobial properties, ensures that your mat is germ-free, giving you the peace of mind you need to get into your yoga routine. This antimicrobial property also helps to reduce the number of times your yoga mat needs cleaning.  

  • Cork is lightweight 

Being a yogi means you often carry your mat, and while you want a lightweight mat, you also need a sturdy mat. The cork topping on a mat is dense but lightweight.

Cork has a high density making it perfect for offering the needed support and platform to carry out yoga. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry about, especially when you’re travelling to your yoga studio. 

  • Optimum performance 

Cork is durable, provides high traction and grip, making it great for yoga. A cork mat strikes a balance between traction and cushion, which are important properties of a good yoga mat. 

Why choose an Anjali Cork Yoga Mat

Different cork yoga mats are available, but here are reasons why the Anjali Cork Yoga Mat is the perfect option. 

  • They are made from a layer of natural tree rubber topped with a layer of cork, providing a luxurious natural and firm surface needed for yoga, pilates, and other floor exercises. 
  • The Anjali Cork Yoga Mat always maintains the right temperature, and a subtle but nice natural smell, perfect for yoga, especially yin yoga. 
  • Sprinkling a few drops of water when the mat is dry increases its grip.
  • The Anjali Cork Yoga Mat has a thickness of 5mm, which provides the right amount of cushioning effect needed for a firm base. This property makes it perfect for people with knee problems and anyone who wants extra comfort during yoga.  
  • The Anjali Cork Yoga Mat is 183 cm long, longer than many mats on the market.
  • The Anjali Cork Yoga Mat is made from natural plant materials, is free of plastics and toxins and will eventually biodegrade, perfect for your body and for the planet.


Using the right mat during your yoga practice not only improves your comfort but helps you get the proper postures needed to maximise the benefits of yoga. 

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