Organic Cotton Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

Type: Yoga Mat


We are pleased to offer these beautiful De Uria handmade organic cotton Ayurvedic yoga mats.  The natural fabric helps to connect you to the energy field of the earth and a light rubber lining stops the mat from slipping.  Each mat is infused with Ayurvedic herbs to give a unique colour, healing property, and a subtle pleasant fragrance which will enhance your yoga or meditation practice.  These mats are ideal travel mats as they are foldable, light weight and washable. Ideal used directly on the ground or may be placed on top of your studio mat if you prefer some extra cushioning.  Perfect for hot yoga as they are absorbent with superb grip.  Equally good for yin yoga as the surface is extremely comfortable.

  • Size: 185cm x 65cm (3mm thick)
  • weight: 950g (foldable and light to carry)
  • washable
  • totally biodegradable
  • Fair Trade and hand loomed in India
  • GOTS certified organic cotton lined with natural Indian tree rubber 
  • Infused with Ayurvedic herbs to give each mat its unique colour and different healing properties as well as a light pleasant fragrance
  • Available in 4 Ayurvedic dyes - see descriptions below.


The coral mat is infused with Red Sandalwood and Sappan wood, making it energising and detoxifying (Ideal for kapha people).

Sappan wood is antibacterial and improves blood circulation. Red sandalwood is very rare and precious. It is aphrodisiac, anti-depressive and relaxing, acting on lymphatic, nervous and cardio-vascular systems.



The grey-colored mat is infused with vetiver, making it relaxing and grounding (Ideal for vata people).

Vetiver is excellent for reducing stress. It helps to ground oneself and is also good for quitting smoking. Vetiver is a good remedy for strengthening the nervous system and is perfect for vata people.



The aubergine colored mat is infused with triphala, vetiver and red sandalwood. It combines the properties of the Coral and Vetiver (Grey) mats and harmonizes all three doshas.

The Triphala added to this mat has been used for over 3000 years to improve health and extend life. It is used in longevity treatments in ayurveda.



The yellow yoga mat is infused with three different types of turmeric roots. This mat is excellent for all three doshas.

Turmeric is known for its antioxidiant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to combat stress and boosts the immune system. Turmeric is the most effective anti-inflammatory remedy discovered so far.


De Uria Yoga Mats are machine washable in cold water without detergent.
If you take care of your De Uria Yoga Mat as indicated, they will last longer and love you even more for it! If you must dry your mat in the dryer, please use low temperature and short cycle.